Vertical Growing systems

Vertical growing systems are likely to build indoor, but also in a greenhouse one can use the free sunlight.

These systems have a better usage of the space by building two or more layers in the room 

An open structure of the layers enables a better control of the climate in terms of temperature, humidity and CO2 level

This will create an optimal environment for your plants that provides the best possible growth. 

It’s possible to use the systems with different irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, eb and flow and NFT 

Container bench system

A container bench system is great example of utilising your available surface as much as possible and save labour too. 

These system a principally 1 layer , but a second layer over the work area is a common thing now a days. A second layer is also possible with supplemental lightning to it. 

Most of these system are using eb and flow irrigation, drip irrigation is also possible but more of a challenge when it comes to labour. 

Rolling bench system

A rolling bench system is a great system for utilising the available surface, not only in greenhouses but indoor too. 

Especially indoor facilities with lot’s of different rooms and obstacles are able to use the surface well with rolling benches. 

Rolling benches can be used in combination with drip irrigation, ebb and flow and NFT

Clone and VEG systems

Systems for clones and VEG are preferably multi layer systems, because of a low height of the crop it’s easy to grow multiple layer over each other 

By using LED light you can get close to the crop without to much heath or radiation on them.

Grow carts are often used because one can also transport the clones or young plants there where they are needed. 

Fixed multi layer systems are more efficient in space utilization but can’t be moved to the next stage.